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 Who we Are:

Terwillegar Community Preschool (TCP) operates at Terwillegar Community Church on Towne Centre Boulevard, right in the heart of Terwillegar Towne. This year will be the 8th year of offering provincially licensed preschool programs for 3 & 4 year olds.

We feel it is our responsibility to nurture our children in all areas: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. Throughout the year, our curriculum and resources will support all of these areas of development, including teaching Biblical principles and values.

We will have a wide variety of books, toys, games, art supplies, and other materials which will support each month’s theme, as well as literacy awareness and numeracy concepts. Each month, we will also be working on various “character development” education.

Our curriculum is taught from a Christian perspective and will teach a broad range of skills and concepts within a monthly theme, including a component of character building education.

For more detailed information, please click below to download the Parent Information Manual



Children are placed according to their birth year. For example children eligible for the 4 year olds class would be born in 2015, and 3 year olds would have been born in 2016.
Classes for 3 year olds are offered on the following days and times:
Monday/Wednesday 12:15-2:15
Tuesday/Thursday 9:15-11:15
Tuesday/Thursday 12:15-2:15
Wednesday/Friday 9:15-11:15

The Registration Fee is $60. Monthly Fees are $130.

Classes for 4 year olds* are offered on the following days and times:
Monday/Wednesday 12:00-2:30
Tuesday/Thursday 9:00-11:30
Tuesday/Thursday 12:00-2:30
Wednesday/Friday 9:00-11:30
The Registration Fee is $60. Monthly Fees are $160.

* Fees also apply to those 3 year olds that start the class before turning 4.

TCP does not hold an open house prior to registration day. Instead we have "Meet the Teacher" days once your child has been offered a spot and completed the registration process. Pictures of our classrooms and monthly themes can be found on our facebook page.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you require parents to volunteer throughout the year?
A: We do not have any volunteer requirements in our program.

Q: Is there any mandatory fundraising that parents must do?
A: While we do hold a few fundraisers throughout the year, they are completely optional and do not affect the cost of monthly fees.

Q: If my child is absent from class do I still pay the same monthly fee?
A: No matter the reason or duration of absence, the monthly fees remain the same.

Q: Can I send the registration fee via e-transfer?
A: Yes, e-transfers can be sent to, payable to Terwillegar Community Preschool Society.

Q: Is there financial assistance available for lower income families?
A: Yes, the Government of Alberta offers subsidy to qualifying families. You can find more information, and apply, at . They will notify us once you have been approved.

Q: Can my child start attending classes if they haven’t yet had their third birthday?
A: All students MUST be three years old before attending classes. If they have a later birthday you can choose to pay the monthly fees to hold their spot until they can start.

Q: Does my child need to be fully potty trained before attending classes?
A: Yes!

Q: My child has special needs. Can he/she still attend classes at TCP?
A: Yes. If your child requires an aide, we are happy to work with any agency you choose.

Q: What if I register online but do not receive a confirmation email?
A: Be sure to check your "junk" folder as emails may be redirected there. You could also add the domains,, and to your safe senders list.

Any further questions can be sent to

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Registrations are received on a "first come - first served" basis, and are subject to a confirmation process. Each class has an enrollment limit. Once a class is full, you will be placed in the next available class of your choice. In the event that all classes are full, you will be placed on a waiting list. Positions could become available if earlier registrations are not confirmed in time. Since demand is expected to be high, we ask you to be patient while we process registrations. You will be notified via email if your child(ren) has a space reserved, or if you have been placed on a waiting list. Registration Fee and first month tuition are due upon confirmation of enrollment.

Overview of Registration Process

  • Complete and Submit Registration Form (will be available below). You will then receive an automatic reply that your Form has been submitted.

  • Wait for confirmation via email of a space for your child from the Director (up to two weeks)

  • Mail or deliver Registration Fee and First Month's Tuition WITHIN 2 weeks of being informed that the space is confirmed. Include child's name in the memo of the check.

  • After 2 weeks, the space will be offered to the next child on the waiting list (if applicable)

Our Staff


Nicole Michaud | Preschool director


Kim VanRoon | Teacher


Jennifer Goodnough | Teacher


Karen Dalby | Teacher’s Assistant


Noreen Lewis | Teacher


Emily Richer |Teacher’s Assistant


Qiuxia Zhang | Teacher’s Assistant



Our Classrooms 

Our classrooms are on the second floor of Terwillegar Community Church. Each one is well lit with natural light, and provides a warm and safe environment.