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 HOME Groups are: Homes Open for Ministry & Encouragement

“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” Acts 2:42

Today’s culture is completely high tech and low touch. It celebrates and promotes individualism over community. Privacy and seclusion are valued over connection. However, God didn’t design us to live our lives alone. He created us for relationship with Him and with others. We were made to belong and to be part of a community — a group of people doing life together. At TCC, we believe the best environment for lasting life change takes place within community. That’s why we believe in H.O.M.E. Groups. H.O.M.E. Groups are all about people. We exist to help people live life together, grow together and serve God together. Our groups provide people with intimate family environments where ministry flows from relational connections. Through H.O.M.E. Groups, individuals regularly gather outside of our Sunday Worship Service in small group environments and engage in a lifestyle of authentic community and spiritual growth. Wherever you are in your journey of life, there’s a place for you in H.O.M.E. Groups!

WHAT is a H.O.M.E. Group?

A group of five to fifteen adults meeting together in order to find friendships, to be mentored and to mentor, to understand and discuss the truth of the Word, identify and use spiritual gifts and to provide care in Homes Open for Ministry and Encouragement.

WHERE does a H.O.M.E. Group meet?

The group can meet anywhere that is convenient for its members. Groups generally meet regularly in one member’s home — called the Host. Some groups rotate meetings among the members’ homes.

WHEN does a H.O.M.E. Group meet?

Each H.O.M.E. Group decides which day and what time is most convenient for the Group. We ask our groups to meet a minimum of once a month, but most groups meet weekly or bi-weekly.

HOW can I join a H.O.M.E. Group?

If you’re interested in joining a HOME group we usually suggest 3 ways:

1) Participate in the TCC brunch each Sunday and get to know people at the church. Many of our H.O.M.E groups have emerged from people sharing brunch together! If you’re finding that you connect with a certain group of people, ask if they’re in a H.O.M.E group, if they are ask to join, if they are not, you may suggest starting one.

2) Participate in an EQUIP class. TCC runs a Christian adult education program called Equip, and it is a great way to get to know people from TCC. The classes are a short term commitment, but the relationships formed in the groups may lead to new H.O.M.E groups.

3) The church can work with you to help you find a group that fits your needs. Begin by clicking the link below.



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