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The idea of a Church Plant in SW Edmonton began when the Alberta Baptist Association identified the need for a Church in the Riverbend-Terwillegar communities.

A small group of people began to dream and pray for God’s direction with respect to establishing a Community Church in SW Edmonton.

Pastor Ken and Marg MacDonald officially began their ministry with Terwillegar Community Church in December 2002.

January - March 2003 – Pre-Launch Sundays

Visionary individuals excited about a challenging opportunity met together for 5 months in preparation for launching Terwillegar Community Church.

April 11, 2003 – Launch Sunday/Palm Sunday

Terwillegar Community Church officially launched its ‘new beginnings’ with many encouragers from other churches cheering on the new Church Plant. TCC met at Holy Trinity Chinese Anglican Church at 4:30 in the afternoon.

Summer 2003 in Terwillegar Towne

A playground program developed by Carolyn Parkes gave opportunity to meet young families in our community. TCC also hosted a huge Community Barbecue at the Park in the summer of 2003.

Fall 2003 – 40 Days of Purpose

TCC embarked on a timely adventure, discovering our purpose and direction as individuals and as a Church. These 40 days helped to shape our vision for our community.

Winter 2003 and Forward

First Winter Delight – TCC invited the Terwillegar Community to a good ‘ol fashioned sleigh ride. Each winter season, TCC has enjoyed this opportunity to provide a “wintery outing” for the whole family.

Spring 2004 and Forward

First Spring Carnival – a great family experience and opportunity for the community to celebrate spring with a Petting Zoo, live theatre, crafts, Jumpy Thing, carnival games, popcorn, candy floss, and of course, lots of fun. Each year we are delighted to welcome hundreds of people from our community.

February 2005 – Alpha Course

The Alpha Course was introduced to TCC. Many have had opportunity to explore the basics of the Christian faith.

Spring 2005 – Ladies Morning Out Begins

Ladies Morning Out is a mid-week community gathering of ladies at Terwillegar Community Church. Child care is provided for moms with children. Speakers, great conversations, coffee and snack provide a great opportunity for ladies to connect.

Summer 2005 – Fridays in the Park Begins

Celebration times with the community during the summer months – hot dogs, watermelon, Jumpy Thing, playground, a wonderful venue for family outings.

January 2008 – Morning Service Begins

TCC moved from a 4:30 pm Worship Service to a 9:30 am Service at Holy Trinity followed by a Hot Brunch.

March 22, 2009 – Baptism

6 people were baptized outside of Holy Trinity Church in a hot tub in the midst of a snow storm.

March 29, 2009 – Associate Pastor on Staff

Pastor Norb Janke commences his ministry at TCC. TCC welcomes Pastor Norb, Tina and their two children: Lucas and Anna.

August 30, 2009 – Joint Service

Combined service with Holy Trinity Anglican Church as TCC closes its time at this location. A barbecue followed the service.

September 6, 2009 – First Worship Service at Taylor Campus

The transition to Taylor Campus provided additional space for worship, Hot Brunch and children’s ministry. There was strong volunteer support for the actual physical move from one location to the other.

Fall 2009 – Purchase of Land

TCC celebrates the opportunity to purchase 1.8 acres of land right in the heart of Terwillegar Towne. TCC combined with Footprint Developments to purchase 2.45 acres of land. Congregation gave 100% affirmation for the decision to purchase the land.

Fall 2010

Successful Capital Funds Campaign that spurred enthusiasm toward the construction of a new facility.

August 2011

Official commencement of construction for our new facility.  The architect, construction company and TCC’s Facility Development are in full swing!  Hours and hours of detailed planning result in the step by step construction of a beautiful new facility.  We are praising God.

Fall 2012

In September we moved into the new building – over 450 people were in attendance.  In October we officially dedicated the new building to the Lord!  This was a milestone in our history as a young congregation.

February 2013

First Baptism in our new building!

The story of TCC continues to be written…