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TCC depends on the generous giving of members and friends to support the ministry.  We are grateful for each gift and seek to be good and wise stewards of the financial resources we have been entrusted with.  Receipts for Income Tax purposes will be issued at the end of the year for all donations (except for credit card donations...see below). There are four primary ways to give to the ministry of TCC:

Weekly Offering

We consider giving (in whatever form you use) to be an act of worship.  It is a recognition that all that we have is God's, and we "give back" a portion to Him for His Kingdom purposes. Therefore, during each weekly Worship Service, there is an opportunity to give with cash or check (envelopes are available for this purpose) through the offering that is collected.

Automatic Bank Withdrawals

The pattern of regular and consistent giving is made simpler through pre-authorized automatic bank withdrawals.  Please complete this FORM and return it to the treasurer who sets up the monthly withdrawal on the date(s) that you choose.  And if you ever need to make changes or discontinue the automatic withdrawal, you simply notify us.

Credit Card Giving

Through TCC's relationship with ATB, we have a credit card option for giving.  There is no charge to either the donor or the receiving non-profit charity (TCC). To make a credit card donation simply click HERE (or the image below) and follow the steps below.  Please note, charitable receipts are emailed immediately and donations are not included in the annual receipt from TCC.  For tax purposes, you are encouraged to print these emailed receipts.

  1. From the "Giving is easy" box click on the "FIND OUT MORE" button
  2. In the "Enter the cause name or keywords" type "Terwillegar" (watch the spelling)
  3. Select "Terwillegar Community Church"
  4. Enter the Amount of your donation
  5. Although comments are optional, it is helpful if you indicate whether this gift is for TCC or Southwest Community Church (SWCC is a church plant of TCC)
  6. Click on the "DONATE NOW" button
  7. Confirm amount and comments
  8. Click on "ADD TO CART"
  9. Complete "Billing Address" form (it is helpful if you share your email, name. address, and donation amount with TCC, since all donations made through ATB Cares are automatically receipted by the Canadian Online Giving Foundation and not by TCC)
  10. Click on "PROCEED TO PAYMENT"
  11. Fill in the Cardholder and Payment Details
  12. Click on "Process Transaction"
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Online Giving

Donations can also be made online using a system called "Telpay." An account is set-up and donations are then withdrawn directly from your bank account.  Use the links below to get started.