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Because walking with Jesus is always an adventure!

TCC has been blessed with lots of kids and a great space for them to learn and grow in. Adventurland check-in can be found in the foyer near the SW entrances. On your first visit please stop by our First Time Registration table. After your initial visit, you can use our self check-in stations and proceed directly to your classes to meet your teachers and friends.


Preschool and elementary programs start at 10:00 and all nursery and two year olds may be dropped off before or during the service. 


Nursery (0-30 months)

The nursery is located on the main floor, near the east entrance. If you are registering your under 30 month old you may do so in the nursery. You may bring your baby to the nursery before the service starts or at anytime throughout the service. You may also wish to peek in and can do so without your child seeing you. This is a bright and cheery space that we hope you and  your baby will enjoy.


Terrific Twos

There is currently no specific class for 2 year olds.  Those children who are 30 months and under should be taken to the Nursery.  Those 31-36 months old, participate with the 3 year old class in the FIRST LOOK Program (see below).

Preschool FIRST LOOK Program

We offer three classes under the First Look banner. These are the 3 year old class, 4 & 5 year old class and the Kindergarten class. All three groups meet together for large group time where they sing songs and have Bible teaching. They then have age appropriate activities and crafts that they do in age specific classrooms. Our aim is that they understand three basic truths by the time they graduate - GOD LOVES THEM, GOD MADE THEM, and JESUS WANTS TO BE THERE FRIEND FOREVER. This is a FUN and fast moving place. 


Elementary 252 Program

This program is for our Grade 1-4s. This is an engaging program geared to hit kids right where they are at. It follows a small group format, where we have leaders engaging kids and building into our kids every week. We have a large group time where kids come together to worship and learn. This is supplemented by the small group time where children will build relationships, discover more about what makes them special, and Bible stories and characters will come to life for them. Occasionally they get the chance to join the adults for the whole worship service.

Upper Elementary (Grades 5-7) Program

There is a separate program for those children in Grades 5-7.  Those children in Grades 5-7 attend the beginning of the Worship Service, and then head upstairs to their class (Room 208) just before the message (watch for the slide that signals that they are dismissed).  Those in Grade 7 can also choose to stay in the Service.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please contact Cheryl Horn.