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While H.O.M.E. Groups are the primary means of connecting with others at TCC, there are several other groups that meet throughout the week. These groups for ladies, men, or both, seek to meet relational, physical and spiritual needs. Check out the opportunities below and get connected!

Women's Ministry

Morning "reFresh" for Women

A new Refresh session will begin on September 25th.

Details coming soon.

For more info please contact Ann at

Mom's In the Gap Prayer Gathering

"Do you feel called to be praying with other moms for our school age children and their schools in Edmonton?  Come join me on Wed afternoon from 1-3pm (or until your child finishes school) and alternating Wednesdays after that, to pray for our children." - Theresa    (Will resume in the Fall)

Location: 363 Burton Road

Contact and further information:

Theresa Ramsfield at 780.250.3556 or at

Men’s Ministry

Weekly Men's Prayer 

Every Tuesday Morning at 6am a group of men from TCC join together to pray for one another, the church, and the community. We spend 20min looking at a passage of scripture, 10min sharing prayer requests in smaller groups, and then 30min in prayer. Coffee is served. (Will resume on August 27th)

For more information, contact Adam Buyer. 

Men's Breakfasts

Each month TCC offers an opportunity for men of the church to come tighter for a time of fellowship, food, and Bible study. 

Please check back for 2018/19 Men's breakfast dates. 

To sign up, contact Adam Buyer. 

Coffee Talk

Need encouragement? Need mentoring? There is a group of men that meet at the A&W on Rabbit Hill Road at Terwillegar Drive (Riverbend Square) every Wednesday morning at 7:00 am. The focus of the conversation is the Life Journal reading for the day. A simple study method of Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer (SOAP) is used. If more men attend, another table is started.

For more information, contact Rudi Radke.

Annual Men's Retreat

TCC joins with other churches in our denomination on the first weekend of March for 2 days at Camp Caroline. Check back in January for information about the 2019 retreat. 


Triads are comprised of three people, all of the same gender, who meet weekly to check in with one another as a means of encouragement for spiritual growth and development. Groups meet weekly at a time and place convenient for each triad. There is no curriculum or training needed, nor does the church organize these groups. You are to take the initiative by finding two other believers with whom you can agree to journey together with in faith. Accountability consists of three essential disciplines for personal spiritual growth:

  • evaluation of personal journey
  • reading and interacting with Scripture, and
  • praying for others who need Christ